What we have built.See the list of our realizations.

Qaulity Homes

we have a passion for craftsmanship.

With over 20 years as one of the country's emerging developers of practical real estate, we know more than most, about creating living spaces that transcend the ordinary.

Estate Development

Each real estate project is a testimony to craftsmanship, shape and function.

Through its projects, Didi-Estate seeks to play a vital role in creating , maintaining, supporting and sustaining the environment and community.

Safe Locations

We value our clients security for both lives and properties

We've designed houses so that our clients can turn them into homes and safe havens in a secure area. For many Nigerians, we are pleased to say that DIDI-ESTATE has made this vision a reality.

Beautiful & affordable luxury homes

Didi-Estate is passionate about quality and it has accrued us a reputation in the Nigerian real estate industry.

We distinguish between our architectural approach and our choice of building materials, reflecting our values and principles of always sticking to quality and delivering unique taste through our different types of properties.



Our processes are also based on satisfying customers with unique taste and providing outstanding customer experience for home ownership



Our homes are your private paradise of harmony

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